Gore Vidal 95th Birthday Tribute

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Jeff Norman is mostly staying at home somewhere in Southern California.

I spoke with Washington Post columnist Alexandra Petri, former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter and Gore Vidal's personal assistant, Fabian Bouthillette for HomeFront Rising and the Long Beach Public Library.

Inside My Mind blogger Ryan Langdon discusses his latest blog post, "Facebook is a disease."

Criminal Defense Hero Don Hammond and I discuss state v. federal authority, probable cause and strategy/tactics concerning the turmoil in Portland, OR.

Host Jeff Norman and Criminal Defense Hero Don Hammond are joined by appellate attorney Jeff Lewis for a discussion about an appeals court ruling that a defamation lawsuit against MSNBC host Joy Reid can go forward.

It was great reconnecting with ballot access expert Richard Winger to discuss Kanye West's presidential prospects.

Criminal Defense Hero Don Hammond and I discuss the federal appeals court ruling ordering a judge to dismiss the prosecution of Gen. Michael Flynn.

I talked to Criminal Defense Hero Don Hammond about the occupation of a Seattle neighborhood by protesters, and how the Black Lives Matter movement operates.

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