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Jeff Norman is mostly staying at home somewhere in Southern California.

Criminal Defense Hero Don Hammond and I discuss the latest developments in the Michael Flynn case.

Former UN weapons inspector and Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter and criminal defense attorney Don Hammond join me for a discussion about the surprising shenanigans of a judge who seems hellbent on making Michael Flynn's life miserable.

I talk to Don Hammond about the DOJ motion to dismiss the Michael Flynn case, and coronavirus enforcement controversies in Dallas and New York City.

Discussion topics include Paul's book, Carpe Diem, MaƱana, his latest essay about how COVID-19 changed his life, and the future of standup comedy.

Don Hammond and I discuss false accusations, the Michael Flynn case and the sexual assault allegation made by Tara Reade against Joe Biden.

Let's keep it simple: Ultraviolet light therapy exists. It's a thing. President Trump inarticulately referred to it at a White House press briefing on April 24, and many pundits reacted as if he had suggested bleach could be ingested to treat COVID-19. He said no such thing...

Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy suggests in a new National Review column and on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show that just-released documents confirm Gen. Michael Flynn was set up by corrupt FBI agents who were motivated by contempt for then President-elect Trump.

A discussion about Facebook censorship, DUI arrests and attorney-client privilege with Don Hammond.

I recently spoke with shoppers at a farmers market in downtown Los Angeles about the 50th anniversary of Earth Day (April 22), and what might be our greatest environmental problem.

I interviewed criminal defense attorney Don Hammond about emergency orders concerning the coronavirus outbreak, including bizarre restrictions imposed by Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer and Greenville, MS mayor Errick Simmons.

I had COVID-19 symptoms in December and January for about five weeks. It started with severe fatigue the first week. I slept most of each day during that period.

I spoke to a recently-released prisoner about what it's like to be a sanitation worker amid disease and crime in the infamous Skid Row area of Los Angeles.