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Jeff Norman is mostly staying at home somewhere in Southern California.

It was great reconnecting with ballot access expert Richard Winger to discuss Kanye West's presidential prospects.

Criminal Defense Hero Don Hammond and I discuss the charges and possible charges faced by Minneapolis cops involved in the death of George Floyd, the protests and riots, and President Trump's feud with Twitter.

Let's keep it simple: Ultraviolet light therapy exists. It's a thing. President Trump inarticulately referred to it at a White House press briefing on April 24, and many pundits reacted as if he had suggested bleach could be ingested to treat COVID-19. He said no such thing...

Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy suggests in a new National Review column and on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show that just-released documents confirm Gen. Michael Flynn was set up by corrupt FBI agents who were motivated by contempt for then President-elect Trump.

A discussion about Facebook censorship, DUI arrests and attorney-client privilege with Don Hammond.